What’s going on in Finland?

The winter is here

Did you know that in the northernmost parts of Finland the sun does not rise for almost 2 months in winter? 

In Finland winter lasts for months. If you want to see snow, reindeer and auroras, make sure you’re heading for Lapland. In southern Finland there’s snow and northern lights only occasionally, and no reindeer whatsoever.

However, in northern Lapland the sun does not rise for weeks, but in Southern Finland such as in Helsinki, you can enjoy some sunlight also in winter.

Usually the coldest months are January and February. In 1999, a little northern village called Pokka was the coldest place in the European Union: the temperature was -51,5 degrees Celcius, or -60,7 degrees Fahrenheit! Luckily, most of Finland doesn’t have to put up with temperatures anywhere near as cold as this. For example in Helsinki the average temperature in February is – 4,7°C (23,5°F).

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Did you know that you can visit Santa’s childood home in Kittilä, Lapland? Or that you can find amazingly beautiful wild forests in Helsinki, the Finnish capital? These places you absolutely must see when visiting Finland!



and we want you to experience them all

In Finland there are 4 beautiful seasons, each of them having their own distinctive characters. Summer is the time of the midnight sun, when nights are very bright or even sunny. In winter however, daytime is very short and in Lapland the sun does not rise at all for weeks.



that you’ll never forget

In Finland it’s all about the nature – nature is everywhere and we are crazy about it! Wanna see some wild brown bears or amazing northern lights? No problem! Care for a swim in an icy lake? Sure, why not! We also recommend that in summer you travel to North to witness the sun shining bright all night round.



you never thought of

Check out our newest national park Hossa – according to Lonely Planet it is one of the best travel destinations in the world! In Helsinki you’ll find both urban and natural places that will take your breath away. We know you’ll fall in love with our exotic arcipelago, big forests and legendary Lapland.

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