What’s going on in Finland?

Spring is coming – the polar night is over and the days are getting longer

The polar night is now officially over even in the northernmost parts of Lapland. The days are getting longer: there’s more and more light every day. 

This is when the winter wonderland of Finland is at its best. There’s lots of snow, but also beautiful, bright days. In Lapland there’s going to be snow for months to come, but in Southern Finland the snow is probably going to melt a lot earlier.



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The nature capital

Helsinki is the nature capital of the world. Around it there are as many as seven national parks, and even in the city centre the nearest forest is never more than a 10-minute-walk away.


Lapland is the land of the midnight sun, polar night and beautiful auroras. Here you can meet some supercute reindeer and visit Santa’s childhood cottage.


In Finland there are more lakes than you can imagine. Thanks to Finnish everyman’s rights, it’s very easy to find good places to go for a swim or try some fishing!


Finnish archipelago is stunningly beautiful and easy to explore. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Baltic sea, visit remote islands and have fun travelling with yellow ferry boats!


We Finns love to spend time in the nature: many of us love hiking, camping and cottage life. In Finland we have this thing called everyman’s right – it means that everyone here has great possibilities to enjoy Finnish nature for free.