Even as a young lad I often found myself roaming the woods with little more than solitude and thoughts for my company. It was a time of great joy and discovery, time which eventually led me to take on writing, music and photography. Since then that old longing has only grown, and in the wilderness I feel truly at home.

Though outward, in nature I mostly like to keep to myself. It’s one of those bastions where I escape to after a long day’s work. But join me by the fire, however, and I’ll never back away from a good discussion of anything related to hiking, sights, folklore or northern mythology.

I joined Finland, Naturally to share with you some of my experiences, my views of the land. To write alive those beautiful hidden places that you may have yet to visit, and by doing so to pay my respects to the passion that is outdoors.

Articles by Jarno Peitso