Repovesi National Park

Kouvola and Mäntyharju area
South-East Finland


Located in Kouvola and Mäntyharju, Repovesi National Park is a land of tall hills, magnificent forests and blue waters. The only even landscape here are the beautiful and manifold waterways – otherwise the landscape is rugged and jagged.

The history of Repovesi is colored by slash-and-burn agriculture and dry distillation of tar as well as log driving of which there are still signs in the nature. In 2001 a Finnish forest industry company UPM donated 560 hectares of forests for preservation.

You can enjoy the wilderness of Repovesi in many ways. Picking mushrooms and berries, nordic skating and skiing to name a few.

Whether you are an adventurous daredevil or a someone who enjoys the peace and quiet of the wilds, Repovesi is a place for you. Travel on the waves with kayak or enjoy a quiet time ice fishing during the winter. There is also the vertical cliff of Olhavanvuori that just asks to be conquered.

The nature of Repovesi offers something for everyone throughout the year and is also partially applicable for disabled people. There are upto 45 kilometers of marked routes during the summer of which the  26 kilometers long Kaakkuri’s Track is the longest. There are numerous varied firesties as well as piers for canoes and boats along the tracks.



There are multitude of different choices for accomodations at the Repovesi National Park as well as the whole area of Verla. In addition there are a vast number of trekking services: descend from the gorgeous Olhavanvuori, paddle the famous water systems of Repovesi and experience an unforgettable night in the exciting Tentsile Tree Tent!

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Bus transport travels between Kouvola and Repovesi twice in every summer weekend. It is also easy to reach Repoved by your own car.


Saarijärvi Parking Lot, Kuismantie 990, Kouvola

Tervajärvi Parking Lot, Kivisilmäntie 720, Kouvola

Lapinsalmi Parking Lot, Riippusillantie 55, Kouvola


Day trip to Repovesi during summer weekends can be done via public transport. 

Waterbus departs from the Lapinsalmi Parking Lot in Kouvola on daily basis. 

Waterbus operates daily from Orilammi Resort to all around the national park.

By train you can reach Kouvola and Mäntyharju.

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One of the most iconic locations in Repovesi is the suspension bridge at Lapinsalmi. It is a challenge for anyone with fear of heights and offers an unforgettable vistas for anyone who enjoys rugged wilds. Ketunlenkki (Fox Track) along which the suspension bridge can be found departs from the gate of Lapinsalmi and is an excellent option for the first-timers.

Walking trails

Ketunlenkki (Fox’s Trail), 5km, is a circular trail in the most exemplary scenery of the national park. Along with the famous suspension bridge of Lapinsalmi the trail leads to the vantage point of Katajajärvi. Read our story here!

Korpinkierros (Raven’s Trail), 4,5km, circles the Olhavanlampi lake. You will also rise to the famous Ohlavanvuori while on this trail. 

Geocatching trail familiarizes the traveller to the nature and history of the area. It is a great choice for someone visiting Repovesi for the first time and for geocatchers of all experience. 

Kaakkurinkierros is a circular trail of 25km and it takes you through all of the best attractions of Repovesi.

Cycling & Canoeing

There are no marked water hiking trails but the water systems of the area suitable for paddling and planning a route suitable for your expertise with a map is both easy and rewarding. Please take notice that the eastern and northeastern parts of the Park are marked as safety zone for shooting and training grounds. Moving there without a special permission is forbidden.

The Savonselkä circular trail for paddling runs on the western side of the area from Voikoski to Verla.

Mäntyharju-Repovesi Trail is a beautiful trail for cycling. It is 33-40 kilometers in length and there are numerous laavus (lean-to) and kotas (goahti) along the way. 

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Wide views atop of the hills

For those who enjoy the hardship of hiking demanding tracks Repovesi has a lot to offer. Reaching the vantage points rewards the hiker with open vistas that refresh the weary and make it all worthwhile.

Witness the pearly waters systems that entwine the untouched wilderness where no sign of civilisation can be seen. 

Reaching the top of Olhavanvuori is a must for every visitor. Just remember to mind your step for the sheer drop the top is 50 meters.

Almost the whole National Park can be seen from Mustalamminvuori but hiking there and back again is not an easy task. Luckily there is an observation tower for some additional climbing and reaching even a higher view!

Ascending the Katajavuori you need perseverance as a well as a hint of courage for the stairs rise towards the heavens along an almost vertical wall.


By the shore of Verlankoski in the Northern-Kymenlaakso there is a peculiar place. In this small cluster of wooden and brick houses the nature and culture come together in a sensational way.

For Verla is not just any industrial area but a groundwood and board mill.

Reaching the parking lot grants you a glimpse of the atmosphere but it also shows you that there is more than meets the eye at the first glance. For the information board at the edge of the parking lot guide the traveller to the nearby giant’s kettle and cave paintings.

The details on the factory buildings speak for themselves – even every hinges is made by hand and with extreme care. These building were built to last and they have done just that.

Even when the actual factory museum is closed there is another smaller one in which you can peek to the past. The old rails that run through the factory yards tell their own story about the lives and work that took place here.

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